Making your WordPress Site Pinterest-Friendly Made Easy

by The Boss Gimp

1. Choose a theme that can be customized to look like a Pinterest page.

Many themes may not mention Pinterest or social media. Several of them allow you to use a main page that can be a grid of posts that have a picture that makes the posts prominent and easy to recognize.

On the theme that I use, Profit Builder, I believe that it does this easily once you start using featured images.

2. Add Pin It Buttons to Posts

This allows you to allow yourself and others to easily pin your posts to Pinterest and other social media sites of your choosing. It's as easy as clicking on the Pinterest or other social media buttons.

This can be done easily using the Pretty Link Pro plugin. You just go the the Pretty Link Pro plug-in options on the dashboard. Go to the Options menu option and then go to Social on the Options screen.
Pretty Links Options

Pretty Links Social Buttons


You'll find the most common social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Place a check mark on the social media platforms that you want to  show on the buttons. There is also a radio button so that you can pick where you want your buttons to show up on the post page.  Click Update to save your settings.

To allow them to show up on your posts go the the Auto-Create Links option.

Click the button on the Post Shortlinks. This will create Pretty Link shortlinks for all of the new posts that you create. A lot of people are afraid in this age of phishing and scams of clicking on anonymous links. This could easily create minor negative opinions of your brand. This will allow you more control over the trust of your brand as possible. I use a group in order to organize my blog posts. You then select Show Social Buttons to automatically  link the Pretty Link shortlinks to the social media buttons. As before, click Update to save.

3. Add a Featured Image to each post

Feature ImageMake sure that you use a theme that allows you to add a featured image to your post. It should also automatically add the featured image to the post index. I use my post index as my home page so that it fills my homepage with a grid of images and post summaries that looks a lot like a Pinterest page. This keeps the look and feel of your WordPress site as close to Pinterest. If it looks more familiar to Pinterest then people that have followed a link from there will be more likely to spend more time on your site.

CategoryI usually use a different featured image for each category. When you mark your primary category for a post you simply select an existing featured image so that it is easy to identify that type of post.

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